Men of Letters

Men of Letters

A website dedicated to the world of Men of Letters. In season eight of Supernatural, we were introduced to new mythology that offered to breathe fresh air into an aging show we all love. The Men of Letters opened us to a new world of mythology and world building and for awhile it looked like Supernatural was going to reinvent itself.

However after a few decent Men of Letters themed episodes, the series has all but forgotten the potential of the new mythology and has once again began to focus on the same plotlines we have had since the show first aired. Afraid to take the risk of reinventing itself.

All hope is not lost. The CW is looking to do a spinoff series of Supernatural and you can tell the CW and Supernatural writers that you would love to see more Men of Letters whether it be in the form of new Supernatural episodes involving the Men of Letters or a new spinoff series.

For those who don’t know what the Men of Letters is, have a look at the Men of Letters wikipedia entry: